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A house without a gate gives off a distinct feeling of incompleteness. Apart from this, the strongest and tallest fences will be powerless to stop kids and pets from wandering off, not to mention prevent unwanted elements from breaching your defenses and potentially causing damage.


That’s why fences and gates are the perfect complements to each other, and one without the other can look desolate as well as ineffective. Beyond this, though, fences and gates give shape to your property, and as a security measure, this combination is pretty nigh impossible to beat.

Richmond Gate installaton

Gates are great for several other reasons. They can be made to look imposing or serene, contributing to the general ambience of your home. They are also accomplished at increasing the value of your home, much more than most other components. For several people, getting their gates to match the dimensions and style of the surrounding fence while still maintaining its personality is a challenge. But for us at Richmond Fence Company, these are the kind of situations where we thrive, and we can offer an effective and satisfactory solution in no time at all.


We are experts in the installation of gates that do not trade aesthetic appeal for functionality. Boasting an in-depth knowledge of current industry standards along with leading safety protocols, we will deliver a job that’s as close to perfect as anyone can ever get, every single time. There’s one thing we value above anything else: exceeding the expectations of our customers and we don’t mind going out of our way to achieve this. Your gate is an essential part of your home, make it stand out by letting us handle every step of the installation process. We’ll be sure to do a great job, so you won’t have to consider replacing it for a very long time. Please call us today and take advantage of our excellent conditions.

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