Wood fences

Wood Fencing Richmond

There’s something about the timeless beauty of wood fences that always seems to draw people in. Wooden fences offer a lot of advantages, and this, when added to their stunning traditional appeal, makes them one of the most popular options among our customers.


Making allowances for quality and workmanship, a wooden fence may just be the best investment you’ll ever make. High-quality wood fences are resistant to waterlogging, rot, breakage and UV damage, in addition to being practically invulnerable to rust. What this means is that a wood fence may actually save you a lot in maintenance costs. Further, wood fences are beautiful the way they are; there’s no need to paint or stain them.

Wood Fencing Richmond

Wood fences also offer you several choices, in terms of style and design. If you prefer the classic styles, you get to choose between a traditional picket, board on board, or spaced board designs. Privacy fences are wonderful if you value privacy in addition to aesthetic appeal, and you can choose between the vertical board, board and batten, and stockade styles, depending on the needs of your property. For larger properties, you won’t go wrong with a paddock, estate, or split rail design. In case you’re looking for something a little more personalized, we can build customized fences with innovative designs.


No matter what you choose, you can always count on us to deliver your vision with utmost precision and accuracy. Whether you’re looking to install a new wood fence, or you want to rebuild an existing one, we offer immense value. We can conduct a thorough needs assessment of your property and proffer solutions that are tailored to the needs of your home. Then we’ll assist with the design, installation, and maintenance of your wood fence. Make your fence do a lot more than keeping kids and pets in and deter intruders. Let us help make your fence increase the aesthetic value of your home.

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