Commercial gate system. What are my options

Professional Fence Companies should offer a wide range of Commercial Gate applications. Gate systems are designed to prevent unwanted entry and protect employees and assets. Gate systems can be used repeatedly in any environment and are efficient. Hurricane Fence Company has a wide range of Commercial Gate System styles and sizes. These flexible fence barriers can be designed to suit any need, from the smallest Residential Secured Entry to the most complicated structural requirements.

Here are some examples of commercial gate systems that are routinely offered.

Swing Arm Gates

Swing Arms can be used to raise an aluminum or steel arm from a horizontal position up to a vertical one. These arms can be used to manage pedestrian and/or vehicular traffic on roads up to 38 feet in length. You can choose from a variety of controls for these gates, including vehicle detectors/counters and card readers. The arm will reopen if it strikes an object. Anti tailgating devices prevent multiple vehicles from passing through the gate on one cycle. These gates can be controlled by a switch located in a security department.

High-Speed swing arm gates are also offered by many fence contractors. They can open in less than two seconds using either 8- or 12-foot arms. If gate specifications call for them, heavy-duty gates with arms up to 24 feet are also possible.

Slide Gates

Sliding Gates are often the best solution for commercial premises with busy access points. You must have room set aside for the gate in the open position. Installers can customize slide gates to accommodate a wide range of commercial applications. Many different styles of slide gates are available of which the most common is a two-rail slide gate.

There are three rail slide gates that will allow the use of almost any material you wish to face the gate. For this the commonly used materials are plastic, wood, or metal. A well set up fence supplier can also custom fabricate a slide gate to match a wide range of already existing gate styles. 

Cantilever Gates

A slide gate operator can be added to automate a cantilever slide gate. It can be pad- or post-mounted. This allows you to open and close the gate, as well as add safety devices like safety loops or gate edges. You can add gate operators to existing gates or create new ones. They can also be integrated into existing access control systems.

The gate does not touch the ground and is supported by rollers that are attached to two large side posts.

When the gate is open, it will have a tail. This tail is used to support the gate. When installing a cantilever gate, it is important to have sufficient overhead clearance so that the gate can open completely.

Cantilever Gate System can be made with almost any type of fencing material. However, the size of your opening will determine which materials you can use to construct your Commercial Gate. If the opening is large, you should consider using lighter fabrication materials. This will reduce the overall weight of your gate.