How to Install a Fence

Setting up a new fence is a straightforward activity for anyone with simple DIY abilities. With humans it’s even less complicated – with a further pair of hands to assist, it is pretty feasible to put in a fashionable wooden fence in a day.

  1. Prepare your floor and fence posts
  2. Degree out and dig submit holes
  3. Deploy the posts
  4. Measure up the posts for the fence panels and fix them
  5. Upload your finishing touches!

The process for this manual has used 6ft feather facet panels and 8ft dip-dealt with posts. We used post Crete to cozy the posts inside the ground.

Panels are commonly 6ft extensive and are to be had in a spread of styles. The concepts for installation continue to be the equal for every style.

You’ll want:

  • Drill
  • Screwdriver
  • Shovel for digging
  • Trowel
  • A spirit stages

Post Crete or concrete to set your posts

  1. Measure out the length of your lawn to determine out what number of posts and panels you will want. bear in mind to take the width of the posts into consideration together with your calculations!
  2. Make certain the posts are at the least 2ft taller than the panels. This makes certain there is a stable foundation to your fence.
  3. Clear as much of the region of your proposed fence as viable to give yourself greater room to work.
  4. Before you install your put up, deal with the ends with a very good exceptional spirit-primarily based wood preservative to extend its life while it is inside the ground.

Measure out and dig publish holes

  1. Measure and mark a 2ft factor to your post. This wishes to be at ground level while you put It within the earth, to give you the great possible anchorage.
  2. Dig a hollow for every post that’s ft deep, and three times the width of the publish.
  3. Mark out six-foot lengths alongside your fence line with string to give you an idea of spacing, and to help you erect your fence in a instantly line.
  4. Positioned three to 4 inches of gravel inside the backside of the put-up hollow to act as ballast for the pole, and to help drainage, which helps the submit ultimate longer.
  5. Put in your posts, and aid them the use of wood stakes both side to maintain them upright even as you put together the cement. Use a spirit level to make certain they’re precisely vertical.
  6. Fill the holes across the posts with cement. Post Crete is right, because it dries and sets within a couple of minutes. comply with the commands on the bag and upload water. wear goggles to keep dust from your eyes.
  7. Use a trowel to create a slight slope inside the drying cement in order that water runs away from the publish. Fill inside the hole. Repeat for every post, and dispose of the supports.

Measure up for the panels, attach them to posts

  1. Measure and mark at the put up where your panel clips ought to be placed. connect the clips at the pinnacle and bottom of each put up the use of Galvanised screws.
  2. Slide the panels down between the clips, and comfy them in area with screws. Double take a look at that your panel is level.

Add finishing touches!

End the submit by using screwing on a Post cap. make sure you pre-drill the screw holes to avoid splitting the wooden.

Deal with your fence with a good nice wooden preservative to make certain that it’s included from the elements. check and re-deal with annually to get the longest lifestyles from your fence.

Pre-Check List

  1. PLAT – a replica of the plat for your house is quite beneficial in figuring out property traces for fence placement. Our consultant knows the way to examine a plat, so have it accessible whilst he comes on your estimate, if at all feasible. if you don’t have a replica together with your closing paperwork, you can obtain one from your neighborhood planning workplace.
  2. EASEMENTS – touch your neighborhood making plans workplace to determine if there are easements (consisting of water, utility, sewer and sight distance) at the property. Easements of 10′ or greater are commonplace and will affect in which you could place the fence. according to the town of Murfreesboro, about eighty-90% of subdivision plenty inside the city limits have easements. In some instances, you might be granted a waiver or variance upon request. this will require a domain inspection by a town planner or engineer however may be really worth the time and effort to investigate. building your fence inside an easement ought to result in the fence line having to be eliminated…at your rate.
  3. HOA – contact your property owner’s affiliation, if applicable, or test your covenant (frequently covered on your closing paperwork) to decide fencing restrictions, which includes style, peak & placement. Many HOA’s require an approval manner earlier than constructing a fence.
  4. Wishes – consider what you’re searching out in a fence. Is privacy your major concern or ornament? what number of gates will you want and what type…stroll thru or force via? Do you have got or will you be getting a pool? if so, additional pool restrictions will apply. Do you’ve got very small pets? Then you can need to keep in mind double pickets if you are interested in aluminum fencing, as this will decrease the areas among pickets. we strive to comply with the contour of the ground as a great deal as viable. Do you have a commonplace region or view that you want to maintain visible? you might want to have a privateness fence on the the front and aspects with a greater open style in the returned.
  5. PLACEMENT – wherein do you need the fence to move? Do you want to fence the entire yard or simplest a element? Do you want to include the meters and AC unit inside the fence? Do you need to start the fence at the returned corners of the house or begin further up off the sides of the house? Do you have got brush or different gadgets within the proposed fence line so as to want to be cleared or removed?
  6. Let’s in – Many cities require a allow earlier than building a fence. test together with your neighborhood making plans workplace or zoning branch for extra information.
  7. Neighbors – you could want to test with your pals to see in the event that they are probably inquisitive about getting a fence. you can share the fee of the shared side line and shop cash. Or, in the event that they already have a fence, get permission to hook up with it and shop cash as nicely.
  8. Budget – understand that the fence fee you are quoted is concern to trade, because of material and gasoline charges, without be aware. The only way to lock inside the charge is to sign a settlement. we can constantly regulate the layout of the fence, if vital, once your HOA approves the fence otherwise you get a allow, etc. If there are similar fences on your community already, chances are that your fence can be accepted by using the HOA however the placement might exchange a bit, which isn’t a trouble to change at the contract. we’ve got numerous price options to select from, consisting of pre-charge reductions.
  9. Time-frame – normally it takes everywhere from 1-four weeks to begin set up after you have got signed the contract and paid. This depends at the time of the year, climate, creation delays and fabric shipments. we are able to usually put off installation if you want us to…perhaps you need to complete clearing the fence line, dirt paintings aren’t finished or your pool is not set up…however we are able to’t accelerate the system.

List Of Materials Needed. For Types Vinyl, Ornamental Aluminum, And ChainLink Types.

The large wide variety of forms of fences and fencing substances can be overwhelming. Wander down the fence aisle of any hardware keep and also, you’re searching at special terms like “canine-eared fence” and “scalloped fence.” Then there are the half of-dozen materials, which may or may not suit the desires of your yard and budget.

As a way because the price range for installing a fence, even that could get difficult. it may be clean to study the fence panels alone to decide the price. but that’s before you recollect the posts you’ll want, any additional components like gate pieces and exertions prices to put in the fence. The common fee to put in a fence runs all around the low thousands of greenbacks.

Vinyl Fencing

On the subject of fencing, there are a number of materials available and now one of the most popular materials for fences is vinyl. though wood fences appearance fashionable, are strong and lengthy-lasting, they’re high protection and should be stained/painted often. for that reason, many busy house owners in Annapolis and the surrounding areas like Crofton, South Gate and Odenton choose to have vinyl fencing hooked up.

Ornamental Aluminum Fencing

A decorative Aluminum fence is a durable, low upkeep opportunity to conventional wrought iron. It gives an ornamental layout so that it will upload splendor on your yard at the same time as also imparting the safety you want.

Chain link

In spite of their separate components – together with metallic stakes, galvanized posts, brackets and tie wires – chain hyperlink fences are almost constantly inexpensive to buy and install than wood, irrespective of the sort of lumber in attention.

Equipment needed

The list of fence equipment includes:

  • The publish hollow auger
  • A spirit level and measuring device for preserving it immediately
  • Your essential fence equipment
  • A circular noticed
  • Vinyl fence equipment are a chunk one of a kind

Permit’s take a better study each tool and why you could want them.

The submit hole auger

You can, if you want, do every submit hole with the aid of hand, digging and shoveling the dirt as you cross.

The problem right here isn’t always simplest the again-breaking paintings, but in getting every hole the ideal depth and width. At Fence supply on line, we endorse a submit hollow auger while doing large tasks. you may either get an attachment in your tractor or use a handheld one, depending on the size of the task. every hollow might be ideal and equipped in a fraction of the time.

Make the paintings as easy as possible, on every occasion possible.

A spirit stage and measuring gadget for keeping it instantly

Map out your fence and where it’ll go. ensure you have got the peak measured efficiently, and the limits are wherein they need to be.

Use a measuring tape or electronic equipment to parent out the placement of each fence publish hole. most effective whilst you are sure in which the posts will move, need to you begin digging the holes inside the dirt. You need to ensure that the fence runs in a straight line before putting up the poles.

A critical task is to ensure every publish and rail is degree; uneven fences are susceptible and do now not appearance correct. A simple spirit stage can inform you wherein to make adjustments.

Plenty of our customers use level Apps on their phones with best effects too.

Your essential fence Gear

it’s far usually an excellent concept to have a toolbox of necessities around the house or the ranch. It helps with the small jobs, and the large tasks, like installing a fence.

In any toolbox for building a fence you need to have:

  • A claw Hammer
  • Set of screwdrivers
  • Heavy-responsibility work gloves
  • twine cutters
  • Pliers

Continually purchase a recognized brand and take into account a toolkit is for lifestyles.

A circular noticed

You might imagine that just because to procure a fence from a quality dealer, there’ll no longer be any want for changes.

The fact is you may need to do cutting, trimming, and a few innovative interventions on every fence project. Corners, give up of the fence portions and making modifications for obstructions all require slicing the material. A round noticed will reduce thru maximum components, and you may get a smooth cut too. On a few jobs a small chainsaw makes a big difference.

Be organized.

Vinyl fence equipment are a piece distinctive

We adore vinyl fencing and suggest it for domestic, commercial enterprise, privacy, and ranch fences.

Vinyl is easy to gather and is nearly preservation-unfastened. it’s miles well worth the investment. when doing a DIY vinyl fence install always have the right gear handy. outdoor of those above you must also have a Vinyl Notching device and a Vinyl

7-Step manner for installation

  1. Check property lines and neighborhood building Codes pick the sort of Fence
  2. Measure And Mark The layout
  3. Gather gear and materials
  4. Dig Holes and Set Posts
  5. Deploy Rails to The Posts
  6. Connect Pickets to The Rails
  7. Deploy The Gate


  • Inspect and Repair Each Year
  • Clean Every 3 – 5 Years
  • Reseal or Paint After Cleaning