Fence insurance repair quotes for residential and commercial fences


Damage to commercial fences can be caused by cars hitting them and their gates or by vandals ripping fences to gain entry to company properties.

It doesn’t matter what you call it, the homeowner/business owner can, depending on the extent of the damage, contact insurance companies to verify policy coverage and deductibles.


Many insurance policies cover the cost of replacing damaged fences. Most homeowners insurance policies reimburse you for the full cost of repairs. However, there are also policies that only cover the actual cash value of the damaged fence, so it is a good idea to read the fine print. Your insurer should provide you with a quote for the repair work before they start. If possible, you should also get a second estimate from a contractor.


The homeowner’s insurance policy with the company will also have a deductible. If an insurance company considers damage to the fence to be an insurance claim, they will usually ask homeowners to obtain three estimates from either a local or preferred contractor to determine the scope of the work and then turn them into the agent.

Sometimes, an insurance company may call three fence companies on behalf of the homeowner to request estimates.

The professional fencing contractor will visit the property to estimate fence repairs and then send the quote directly to the insurance company so that they can handle all aspects. In either case, the homeowner can decide whether they want to have their fence fixed by insurance or out of pocket.

The homeowner should not contact the insurance company if the damage to the fence appears minimal. The reason is that the deductible might not be covered depending on how much damage was done. fence damage. The homeowner can find out the amount of the homeowner’s deductible by calling the insurance agent or looking through the policy. This will allow them to determine if the claim is valid.


In case of fence damage, a good way to get your money back is to file a claim with your insurance company. The company will usually pay out the amount that you request, or they will pay out less than what you’re due if you don’t have any insurance. However, if the damage is more severe, you can always hire a professional to repair the fence for you. 


Vehicles running into commercial fences or gates entering or exiting business premises are the most common cause of damage. This can happen during the winter when cars hit ice and slide off the road. Most of the time, the business will be able to obtain information from the person responsible for damaging the fence. Their insurance company would cover the entire cost of repairs while the owner would not have to pay. This applies only to people who are caught on camera hitting the fences or gates with their cars.

The business would need to contact their insurance company to report the damage and request an agent to inspect the property. The fence company would then be called after the agent has taken note of the damage to the fence. Quotes for the repairs are done by the fence company which get sent to the insurance company. The cost of repair and replacement is usually handled by the insurance company and the fence contractor.

If there is no witness to the incident or if no one takes responsibility for the damage, then the business owner must call his/her insurance company to file a claim. They may or may not be covered depending on the terms of the policy. The process to get insurance companies to pay damages is usually the same as for residential fence damage claims.