4 or so things you should know about classical and alternative fence installation

Fencing Needs and Restrictions

Before you start looking for the right fence, determine your goals. Are you looking to protect your family and pets? Are you looking for privacy or just some security? There are so many choices, it is important that you have some goals. It can be difficult to choose a fence.

Before you install the fence, make sure that your local ordinances don’t prohibit the use of a certain type of fence. You should also consider the impact of the fence on the home’s resale.

Every type of fence comes with its own advantages and disadvantages in terms of cost, maintenance, as well as functionality. A wood fence can look beautiful right now, but it will soon start to look tired. Take into consideration all options. There are many options.


Popularity: Tried & True & New

  • Ornamental AluminiumAluminum has been growing in popularity, as an economically viable alternative to wrought iron. It is resistant to extreme weather and requires little maintenance.
  • wood: Wood fencing can be costly but provide privacy. This fence is great for children who play outdoors. However, small pets may get trapped under it. Wood is durable and can withstand harsh weather for many years. However, it needs to be maintained regularly.
  • Vinyl PVC: Vinyl fences are more expensive than wood but require less maintenance and are resistant to termites and other pests. The color options are limited so you will need to check for mold periodically.
  • Link: Chain link is an affordable option. However, some areas may have restrictions against chain-link fencing. Make sure you do your research to avoid making a costly mistake. There are many factors to consider when choosing chain link fencing. These include height, color, and finish coating, as well as the size of the holes.
  • Welded wire: For a fraction of what it costs, you can get a cost-effective and affordable enclosure that will suit a variety of applications. You can attach the wire to existing fencing, such as post and rail, or install it yourself with knock-in posts. It is ideal for rural and suburban farms.
  • Ornamental Wire: Unique fence designs featuring ornamental panels and square-open in post shapes. They are a safe and beautiful alternative to traditional ironwork.
  • Simulated stone: Vinyl fencing and PVC have really evolved over the last few years. A once labor-intensive and expensive project can now be espoused with the beauty of a brick wall or enclosure. It is lighter weight, but more weather-resistant alternative to traditional PVC and vinyl fencing.

Know Your Boundaries

Fence etiquette requires good communication between neighbors. Although it is not required by law, it is a good idea to inform and discuss fence plans with neighbors before you begin building. This is particularly true if your property lines are very close together, or if you would like to create a unique design with your contractor. They may be willing to duplicate your fence enclosure or work with you on the cost.

Busy Season

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Maintain the frame

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Every few months, check your fence for any splintering or peeling. The weed whacker should not be used near your fence. This can cause splintering and scratches over time which will lead to damage and further damage.

To ensure a seamless installation, it is important to communicate with your county, neighbors, HOA, and professional fence contractor to understand the details of your fence.

Your fence is like a picture frame that frames the masterpiece that is your home. This will help you save time, money, and ensure your property or home retains its value for many years.