What is high security fencing

When a fence is not enough to protect your premises from crime, a high security fence is required. It should be taller than the perimeter, at least 3000mm. The panels are made from heavy, welded, steel mesh that is at least 12.7mm wide, and are usually six meters high. Their width and wire diameter is four m. These fences can be stacked, one above the other, to achieve the maximum height.

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High Security Fence may mean many different things to different people. However, it generally consists of wire fencing fabric or panels that are topped with razorwireBarbed WireConcertina wire, or any combination of these products.

You could also use high-security fencing in other ways. Welded wire Anti-climb mesh, expanded steel, spiked picket fence, wall spikes, and electrification.


These terms can be explained more clearly by a fence specialist. AEURmow stripaEUR ™ can sometimes be used in conjunction with a high-security fence. These mow strips should be at least 12-inches in width and 6-inches in depth. They serve two purposes: to keep vegetation away from the fence and to identify potential digging areas. These mow strips are common in prison fencing projects.

Who uses high-security fence? These products are most commonly used by correctional institutions, which use a combination of all of the products.

In order to meet security requirements, correctional facilities will have concertina wire, anticlimb mesh, and mantraps.

Commercial grade fences

To meet their security needs, sensitive military, government, and nuclear power plants add infrared devices, fence shaker systems and cable reinforcement to all the components.

This type of fencing is also used by military bases and federal government buildings in combination with anti-ram systems.
K-rated (hyperlink).

High security fence is commonly used by airports, fuel depots and chemical plants. High security fence is also useful for local courts.

It is common to start with a high-security fence when planning for the security of your fence area.

An 8-foot high-security fence at an airport is made up of three barbed wires, video surveillance, and a card-out access control system.

To meet its security needs, correctional facilities will add anticlimb mesh, concertina wire, mow strips, and mantraps.

To meet their security needs, sensitive military, government, and nuclear power plants add infrared devices, fence shaker systems, and cable reinforcement to all the components.

Every day we hear the terms security fence, gated community, and secure environment. A high-security fence can refer to many things, depending on the project’s scope and size.

A 6-foot privacy fence may be considered a security fence by homeowners. However, the keyword here is privacy. Although it helps with intrusion, it is not high-security.

Although gated communities are a barrier to traffic, they do not offer any protection against pedestrian intrusion. Chain link fences 6 feet or less high, even when topped with barbed wire are not considered High-Security Fence by the fence industry simply because they are lower in height.

Remember industry specification

Border Security Fence has been featured in both Israel and this country as a deterrent to illegal entry across their borders. A combination of anti-ram, antiterrorism, and surveillance products can be used to create the security you need at a particular location.

The combination of all the products and an access control system creates a high-security environment for every customer’s fencing project.

The demand for high-security fences has never been greater. There are many meanings of High-Security Fence.

Ask your professional fence contractor

When a high-security perimeter fence is installed, it must be impact-resistant. This can be accomplished by adding special metal security clips and punched holes for panel fixing and positioning. Posts also come with plastic caps and a single row of M8 threaded inserts. A high-security fence can be designed with specific fixators, full-length cover plates, and one-way bolts for increased security. When properly installed, a high-security fence will last for years, while still providing the visual deterrent it needs.