Temporary Fencing Barricades

Temporary fencing barricades are a great solution for construction sites and special events. They are easy to install and dismantle. They are commonly used for crowd control, and are an affordable alternative to standard fencing panels. If you need a pedestrian fence, these are the perfect solution. You can purchase any type of barricade you need, and it will be easy to get it erected quickly and easily.


What size fence is required? How long will the fence be needed? What type of surface will the fence be installed on or through? What kind of material should the fence be made from?

It is essential to create a barrier between people on construction sites and those passing by. It is a requirement for many municipalities, insurance companies, and general contractors to have job sites secure enough.


There are many options available for temporarily enclosing an event or construction site. Welded fence panels that have extended legs and slide into concrete blocks or onto a stand bag, are often referred to as aEURpanels and blocksaEUR(tm). This is a very common use. These panels can be installed on surfaces you don’t want to permanently disturb or remove. This type of fence is easy to move, compared to other types.

It is also cost-effective to use panels and blocks when securing a job site. Depending on the purpose of the panel or block system, there may be a problem with it.


Screen Panels

Due to their added weight, these screens can blow over in windy conditions. This screen is usually installed with chainlink fabric attached to driving chain link posts if it is most desired for a specific project. These posts can be driven by hand or using a compressor.

The screen is attached to the fence using zip ties. The fence can be removed easily, but it can cause damage to surrounding surfaces. Screening can be used to protect the site from prying eyes or for additional advertising.

This application uses materials from fences that were previously installed. This makes it a cost-effective and sustainable fence option.



Fences can be used to create a privacy fence or for a longer-term project. This fence will be a wall that separates the site from the public. This fence is difficult to climb and almost impossible to see through. The plywood is attached to the fence with screws or nails.

Fences are required for most construction sites due to the regulations. You can rent or purchase temporary fences depending on your specific needs. There are several questions you need to ask when deciding what type of fence is required for a job site.

BARRICADES and bike racks

Although regulations require that temporary fences be installed, the goal of any fence installation is safety. The most widely used boundary applications are Barricades and Bike Racks. They can be used for special events when the likelihood of routing or re-routing thousands is high and must be coordinated in advance. Below are the miles of Barricade Richmond 2015.

Bike racks and barricades are great for small and large events because of their predictability. These minimally effective fence structures are a great choice for security purposes. They can be used to keep people from certain areas, such as at music festivals, athletic events, and local celebrations like Richmond 2015, The Monument 10K Marathon, and establishing order besides The National.