Temporary Slug

High-security fencing is a desirable option because of its ability to intimidate from the outside and work harder than it looks. High-security chainlink fence enclosures can withstand any disturbances, natural or sub-human.

High-security Chain link Tension will not cause any wire (with or without barbwire) to buckle. ItaEUR(tm), which is also almost impossible to cut through, is also very difficult. The steel posts are fixed to the chain link by Welded wire of high quality The ties prevent the steel posts from being displaced by the chain link. It will not sag or crack when it is struck by a truck traveling at 35 mph. 700 slow-moving, rapidly decaying zombies won’t be able penetrate prisons or other restricted access facilities if they pull on a sheet of no climb mesh chain links.

Steel beams and concrete posts are used for high-security fencing. The steel posts are strategically placed at a determined distance, making intrusion almost impossible.