What is anti-terrorism force protection or atfp security


The United States Marines defines Antiterrorism/Force Protection to be a program that protects military personnel, civilian employees, families, facilities, and equipment from violence or threats of violence. It is intended to instill fear and coerce governments and societies to pursue goals that are generally religious, political, or ideological.

Here are contracts for Crash rated fences

K-Ratings refer to levels of protection determined by the Department of State. Crash Test Certification is also known by the ‘K’ Rating. K Ratings are awarded to fences, bollards, gates, and other barriers in order to determine how effective they are at protecting the object it guards. They measure the barrier’s stopping force relative to the vehicle’s speed and weight. A 15,000 lb. unit is the standard unit of measurement. (6810 kg.) (6810 kg.) Gross weight vehicle affecting a barrier perpendicularly.

To be DOS certified, the barrier cannot bend beyond the 39 inch limit when a vehicle penetrates it.

Steel cables are cemented in the ground and wrung through the gate or fence. Bollards can be either short or thick (iron, steel) and are placed at regular intervals. Bollards are used to control traffic. However, they can also be used for compliance with ATFP fencing. At/FP gate or fence requirements can be very costly due to ornamental and reinforcement measures. At Richmond Fence Company, we would be able to discuss your specific requirements and see how we can improve your property.


Which one is the best for me?

The most common fence types are privacy, chain link, and dog ear. Each of these materials offers distinct advantages and disadvantages, and you should research which is best for your needs. Wood is a classic choice, but it is sensitive to weather fluctuations and requires regular maintenance. Purchasing a wood fence will require a large investment, as staining and upkeep are necessary for the long-term health of the fence. You should consider the type of materials used for your fence before making a decision.